an In t he Company of Kings event
The 2016 Afghan Hound World Congress will feature two styles of presentations: Group Sessions and a Seminar Series.  The Group Sessions are intended for all attendees to focus on a topic of interest to all Afghan hound fanciers. 
The Seminar Series features smaller, more conversational sessions with subject matter experts.  Attendees will have the option to choose from 2 seminar topics offered concurrently.  Of course, notes will be available from all seminar sessions.
--World Congress Sessions will begin at 8:00 AM on Wed & Thurs--

Group Sessions:

  1. Snapshot of the Breed Across the Globe
    Susan Rhodes, Lee Canalizo, Sherril Wallack
    These speakers will comment on the situation of the Afghan Hound in their region of the world, and address questions such as: Are lower numbers of Afghans being produced a good thing or bad thing? What is preventing new breeders from entering the breed? What interventions, if any, should we make?
  2. Global Differences in the Afghan Hound Standard
    Harry Bennett, Willem Buitenkamp, Mike Lancashire
    These speakers will lead a group discussion on the differences among the Regional Standards, and pose the questions: Is the variation a good thing or bad? With dogs being shown all over the world, and breeding stock being freely used across borders, is it time for a single, global standard? At the very least, are there disqualifications that should be present in every standard around the world?
  3. Two Perspectives on Proper Afghan Hound Movement
    Michael Canalizo, JoAnne Buehler
    These speakers will discuss and define their views on what makes the Afghan Hound's movement distinct. They will address soundness, correctness, and potential pitfalls for today's breeder.
  4. Roundtable Discussion with Iconic Afghan Hound Breeders
    Lynn Mercer, Iren Naarits, Ramon Podesta, Richard Souza, Ada Wilcox
    These trusted Breeders will discuss their perspectives of the Breed now vs. the past, most influential stud dogs, motivations for breeding, how to build a successful breeding program as well as answer your questions.

Seminar Series:

  1. Successful Owner-Handlers
    Bruce Clark, Laura Mauldin
    Bruce and Laura will discuss how to be competitive as an Owner Handler. Can an amateur compete in a sport that is perceived to be a Handler's world?
  2. Health Check of the Afghan Hound
    Duane Butherus, PhD
    Dr. Butherus will discuss the current issues in the breed and answer questions like: Are the health clearances we're performing today having an impact on the health of the breed? What health checks should we be doing? Exactly what is required to win the Breeders' Cup bonus?
  3. Hunting/Coursing Afghan Hounds
    Eddie Kominek, Ernest Abresch
    Eddie and Ernest will share their experiences working with hunting hounds. They'll cover topics such as: traits to consider important for hunting/coursing hounds, how to train your eye to actually see the dogs running, and results and observations to take away from these sports to use in your breeding programs.
  4. A Coat of Many Colors - Understanding Afghan Colors
    Julie Roche
    Julie will endeavor to provide the background and understanding so you can answer the question we've all asked: "I wonder what colors I'll get?"
  5. Advancements in Canine Reproduction
    Tracy Leonard, DVM
    Dr. Leonard will give practical advice on breeding your hounds. Topics include: When is the right time to breed, common misconceptions about ovulation due dates and puppy sexes, as well as discuss new advancements in canine reproduction with an eye toward the global impacts for the future.
  6. Puppy Socialization
    Bonnie Peregoy
    Bonnie is a published expert in training and socialization of puppies, and a noted Afghan Hound Breeder. Join her for an informative session on raising well socialized, confident puppies.