an In t he Company of Kings event

Meet the Invited Artists

  1. Jordan Aquarius
    Jordan Aquarius
    i remember that exact moment that I felt the emptiness, the loss, the inability to act. It was terrible - I had lost my Afghan. It was as if my soul had been ripped from me. I felt a really hard need to fix my memories of him, so I decided to try working with clay. It was so strange, my hands moved by themselves. In that moment, I understood that representing my lost Afghan through that clay, saved me from the pain that was inside of me. So I have continued my work, and been blessed with the dog community receiving my work well. My work has been featured at several specialties, the World Dog Show in Milan in 2015, and in private collections worldwide. I am very excited to be a part of the 2016 Afghan Hound World Congress Art Exhibition and Sale..
  2. Mimi Baker
    Mimi Baker
    As a child growing up in France, I had two constants: my love of drawing and my love of dogs. That the two should mesh was a given! Many years and miles later, an Afghan came into my life - my choice as a gift for my parents. I knew then that was my breed, and since 1967 it has been. With her came the involvement in club work, showing, raising a few litters, the thrill of having several owner-handled champions, and of course, the challenge of trying to capture their beauty and character on canvas! My interest in blending miniatures in oils- with the variety and richness of Nature's palette in her semi-precious stones- produced a successful line of breed jewelry. In has been an honor to be commissioned to produce trophies for the Best of The Best, National and Regional Specialties... in Afghans, West Highland White Terriers, Fox Terriers, Schnauzers, Samoyeds, Viszlas, Salukis, Welsh Springer Spaniels.. It is a privilege to be a small part of this event! MEMORIES TO BE TREASURED!
  3. Diana Fife
    Diana Fife
    One might say hounds are an extension of my actual being, from childhood family pets, to my teen years when "Annie", my first rescue Afghan Hound entered my life, dogs have always been a huge part of my world. Not only in my personal life but throughout my entire working career. Showing dogs has given me the pleasure to meet people from around the world and build special friendships that otherwise would not have evolved. Nearly 36 years later I'm very proud of the accomplishments my dogs have achieved in the ring but mostly feel blessed to be surrounded by and share my life with these amazing hounds. Although most of my present dogs were born into my hands, I still give much of their credit to the dedicated breeders of the dogs in the generations before who also devoted much of their lives to responsibly preserving these beautiful functional Hounds. I've always enjoyed art and working with my hands. Painting and sculpting helps me express the sometimes playful and other times deeply emotional pieces. It's been an honor to create past logos for the Afghan Hound Club of America National Specialty and Breeders' Cup, creating trophies for several specialty clubs and now participation in the 2016 World Congress Art Exhibition.
  4. Leslie Hutto
    Leslie Hutto
    Leslie Hutto is a native of Hyde Park NY. She received her first commission at age 16, and received a partial scholarship from the National Sculpture Society to study classical sculpture under Elisabeth Gordon Chandler and Michael Lantz at the Lyme Academy of Fine Art in Old Lyme, Connecticut. She later enrolled in SUNY Delhi’s pre-vet program where she pursued an intense study of animal anatomy. She combines her well-rounded knowledge of sculpture, animal behavior, and anatomy and marinates this into her own style of rhythm and flow, capturing the essence of the animal. Her sculptures are known for their intense energy, sense of life and the moment. Leslie took time off to raise two sons, but continued sculpting part time doing work for dog clubs and pet owners. Her works have been included in Jan E Irving’s Great Dogs Amazing Artists, The Irish Water Spaniel in Art, and Woman of Grace series by Judy Ritter. In addition to private collections, both national and international, Leslie’s commissions include public works and monuments for churches, hospitals, academies, dog clubs and associations, notably the Cathedral of St Paul in Birmingham Al, and the Wichita Greyhound Park. She exhibits annually at South Eastern Wildlife Expo, Sculpture in the South, Sculpture in Savannah, and Easton Waterfowl Festival, and has exhibited at Sculpture in the Park in Loveland Co. She continues to teach dog sculpture workshops to teens and adults. Among Leslie’s awards are: Helen G. Oehler Memorial Award American Artists Professional League, 2011 Grand National Exhibition Judges Awards LSU Animals in Art 2009, 2010; among many others. Her work has also been included in the prestigious Society of Animal Artists Art and the Animal annual show 2009, 2011, 2012.. “I was not Blessed with the gift to write poetry, so I sculpt. I write a sonnets in clay, detail where it is necessary , but really just a glimpse of a moment in time.”
  5. Chris Kaiser
    Chris Kaiser
    Bio coming soon!
  6. Linda Korstad
    Linda Korstad
    In Linda’s work, she explores past experiences and relationships, and their applications to the present. She creates components in clay and mixed media using simple shapes and forms. In reconfiguring these components, she finds resolve as to what needs to be revered and what needs to be relinquished. Linda received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Sious Falls College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Her art education is varied including university courses, workshops, and private study with artists. For the last seven years, she has been invited to exhibit at Sculpture in the Park in Loveland, Colorado, America’s largest outdoor juried sculpture show and sale. Her work is in private collections across the United States and Europe. You’ll find Linda working in her studio in Scottsdale, AZ where she lives with her husband Greg and their two afghan hounds. For many decades, Linda and Greg had the privilege of breeding, exhibiting and loving their “Limited Editions’ Afghan Hounds”. She is delighted to be participating in the 2016 “In the Company of Kings” Art Exhibition and Sale.
  7. Lee Canalizo
    Lee Canalizo
    I was born and raised in N.Y., Long Island, to be exact. I painted from an early age, primarily in oil.. I studied and worked with some of the upcoming N.Y. artist/teachers of the time and was a founding member of the Suburban Art League in Huntington, NY in the 70s. I took time out to pursue purebred dog breeding and showing, so painting took a back seat for a while as our entire family became engrossed in Afghan Hounds and Salukis and the world of show dogs. Strangely enough, the esthetics of our dogs whet my appetite to return to painting and even started me on the path of silversmithing! The silver/gold jewelry took off, another detour for my painting! Fast forward to 1998, I moved to Florida. Now an international dog show judge and traveling around the world for dog shows. It was about this time that the call of my first love won out. This time I decided that watermedia would present and interesting challenge. I became involved at Dunedin Fine Art Center and Gulf Coast Art Center, working with prominent Florida artists in this media. At present, I am an invited member at Studio 1212 Art Gallery and a founding member of Art Trysts Studio. My work has been exhibited in many of the area galleries and art shows. My works are in the collections of prominent collectors in New York, Florida, Colorado, New Jersey, as well as Germany, Australia and Denmark. Painting is my escape, my freedom and often my reason to get up in the morning.
  8. Mary Ann Giordano
    Mary Ann Giordano
    I became involved with the afghan hound, approximately 35 years ago (David had just purchased a Mecca Falstaff daughter.) A short time later, I entered and graduated from the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts. There, I majored in Fine Art, which entailed working in oil and acrylic paints, sculpture and advanced drawing. I continued a Graduate course, for 2 additional years and became a member of the Artist Alliance Group where we would gather weekly, to paint. I have exhibited my” Landscapes” in several New Jersey Museums, Libraries and National Parks. Over the past years, David and I have participated in the Conformation ring, Lure Coursing trials, agility classes, with pride and success. We have bred numerous champions, a MSBIS winner, Group placers , Breed winners, and BIF Afghans Always owner/ handled to these wins. From this beautiful breed, I have incorporated my Fine Art training and have been fortunate, to be Commissioned to paint/draw many of the Great Afghan Hounds. I started studying and working in “Lost Wax Casting” jewelry design in the mid to late 80’s. I must give a special thank you to Monroe Jackson for his guidance, and knowledge . It is a pleasure to continue, to learn and work in my fields. Whether drawing, painting, creating new jewelry pieces (for myself or club trophies,) our afghan hounds have truly enriched ours lives!
  9. June Leitch
    June Leitch
    United Kingdom
    Bio coming soon!
  10. Connie Nibarger
    Connie Nibarger
    Connie Nibarger was born in Western Kansas The youngest of eight children. Connie comes from a Musical and Art family. She knew at the age of six years old, she wanted to be an artist. Connie Loved painting and her Mother opened up a small ceramic shop during her high school years. Being a self taught artist, she received many awards during her high school years. Winning BIS and First in Water Color Art under who's who In America, Thomas Curry. She has won many awards in Kansas Sunflower Ceramic Show for her first terra cotta Afghan Hound playing for BIS. Connie continued a commercial art school and had the opportunity to meet one of the last old master painters William Longstreet. After school, Connie married Robert Nibarger, she became the owner of her favorite breed, The Afghan Hound, she started doodling and then painting and finally doing sculpture work, Connie credits Kay Finch as her primary influence and enjoyed a long friendship with Marcia Van Woert. After taking time away for children and work, Connie became interested in doing Afghan Hound Art once more, Connie loves all art media especially putting it to use with my favorite breed the Afghan Hound. Connie's work is known all over the world in private collections. Her well known pieces are her Vases,tea pots crematory urns, with cherry blossom trees on Ginger Jars, Paintings and Sculptures.
  11. Martial Robin
    Martial Robin
    I am French, living in the west of France. I have been breeding afghans under the "Menuel Galopin" kennel name for 25 years, I have bred several world winners and more than 100 champions, including American champions. I have been painting for over 30 years, but started to paint dogs only 10 years ago. I like to paint all kinds of animals, but still I don't feel being a "animal" painter, but more a portrayer. as I love to paint human as well. I feel like an expressionist artist as I do focus on expressions. I have been showing my artwork in many countries, all over Europe, but also USA and Australia. My art has been exported to more than 60 different countries.
  12. Julie Roche
    Julie Roche
    Julie has a degree in Graphic Design from Colorado State University, where her father was a professor and her mother a portrait artist. She has designed logos and posters for the AHCA National Specialties and Breeders Cups. She specializes in pen and ink drawings, oil paintings and most recently stoneware pottery and sculpture. Julie and her husband Emmet have bred and shown their Qamari Afghan Hounds for the past 30+ years, and more recently show their Friesian horses in Dressage.
  13. Natalie Swan
    Natalie Swan
    United Kingdom
    Bio coming soon!
  14. Lynn Watson
    Lynn Watson
    Lynn was born in Oxford, UK, The "City of Dreaming Spires", (poet Matthew Arnold) and came to the US at the age of 21. Pencil drawing from a very young age, and achieving fine detailed work. Oil and acrylic painting in her 20's. Mostly horses and human portraits. With one Afghan bitch as a family member for 11 years the art naturally progressed to include this breed, which then became her passion! About 12 years ago sculpture was included, first with clay and then sculpting epoxy which became the medium of choice. Her work has found homes throughout the US and Europe. Worldwide, including Russia, Japan, and Africa (Ile de Reunion.) She has also created art for businesses and breed clubs from the east to west coast of the US and Europe. Her first, and only art show was in 2014, "Art Show at the Dog Show", where her sculpture won "Best Afghan Hound".
  15. Terry Wilcox
    Terry Wilcox
    Bio coming soon!
  16. Di Kaye
    Di Kaye
    United Kingdom
    Diane Kaye was born in Leicester UK and took a keen interest in drawing from a young age. Her father had brought home a stray dog to live with them and he became an easy subject for early work. She graduated from Leicester College of Art. Around 2002, following a visit to the Art Deco Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and a trip to the West Coast of America, Diane became very interested in the Art Deco period and started to paint ladies wearing fabulous costumes and hats. Diane then started to add dogs and the elegant Afghan became a firm favourite due to the pure elegance of the breed and its links to the Art Deco period. Dianes paintings capture the pure individuality of the Afghan breed. Her work has been shown at Crufts, the International Dog Show for the last 10 years and Diane has sold her pieces and completed commision work for Afghan customers all over the world. This has also included designing a range of Porcelain Figurines including, of course, an Afghan. Her work can also be seen every year aboard the Art Deco ship, RMS Queen Mary, at Long Beach California on Labor Day Weekend when the Los Angeles Art Deco Society transport the boat back to the 1930's!
  17. Ann Sterner
    Ann Sterner
    My passion for dogs and all animals has been my inspiration for my art since a child. The family pets first and then moving on to wildlife. In my early twenties I studied with a local artist in oil.. Since that time I have used several mediums to express my art including charcoal, watercolor, acrylics and clay. I enjoy painting with other artists on a weekly basis. My work has appeared on the cover of an award winning dog publication. I have been involved with Afghan Hounds since the mid seventies having exhibited them first then breeding and co-breeding with THAON. I have been fortunate to have owned and co-owned some amazing top-winning Afghan Hounds as well as some who never entered the show ring but where just as amazing nonetheless. I have also participated in lure coursing, oval track, and obedience with my dogs. I live with my husband Mike and we have three children. We all reside in the Northern California area. We also share our home with three Afghan Hounds, an overindulged Whippet and two house cats.
  18. Terry Chacon
    Terry Chacon
    Terry is from Redlands, CA and an international award-winning artist in painting and sculpture. Terry's artwork is in private collections in over 15 countries as well as in the permanent collection of the AKC Museum of the Dog in St. Louis, Mo. She began her love for art as a young girl working in ceramics with her mother who also loved creating art. As a breeder of top winning Afghan Hounds for over 40 years, her dogs have been her inspiration in her paintings and her sculpture. She interjects whimsical qualities in her artwork, capturing the spirit and the almost human like qualities of her animals in real life situations. Terry’s work is represented by the following galleries: Montecito Frame and Art Gallery, Montecito, Ca., Jack’s Fine Art Gallery, Beaumont, Ca. and by Heritage Bronze, Hesperia, Ca. Oil paintings, sculpture in ceramic and bronze, jewelry cast in gold, silver and bronze.